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InsureWomen’s Founding Member Campaign

InsureWomen is here for female insurance agents! As a national community, we are focused on women, both buyers of insurance and the agents who serve them. We also recognize there are many stakeholders in the insurance industry who support the efforts of female insurance producers and gratefully include them in our community.

Our goal is to create a space where female agents can come together to:

  • Create a unified voice for women in the insurance industry
  • Serve female insurance buyers
  • Build each other up
  • Have a safe space to talk openly about issues specific to the female producer’s experience
  • To learn from and teach other
  • Explore business and job opportunities
  • Create new customers
  • Mentor each other
  • Grow the pipeline for more women coming into the insurance industry, especially as agency owners and producers
  • And lots, lots more…the sky’s the limit with this powerhouse group of women!

As a Founding Member of InsureWomen:

  • You will receive the InsureWomen logo to use on your website, business cards and social media
  • You will also receive the InsureWomen “Founding Member” logo to use accordingly
  • You will be featured on the InsureWomen website “Founding Members” Page which will include:
    * Your name with a hotlink to your LinkedIn page
    * Your company name with a hotlink to your website
    * Your headshot
  • We will also be offering monthly meetings that will cover topics of interest to the group (examples: LinkedIn, Marketing to Women, etc)
  • We will require that you sign the “InsureWomen Code of Honor” which will outline the ethics that will drive success for our community. These include treating each other (and our clients), with respect, encouraging one another, and having similar positive values.

InsureWomen Founding Member Initiation Fee: $99*

InsureWomen Founding Member Application

As our community grows, we will begin to provide additional resources and benefits. The expanded InsureWomen platform will be launched later in 2022 and include:

  • Private communication platform for members
  • Monthly online meetings for education and best practices
  • Marketing Support and resources
  • Social Media content: posts, videos and articles
  • Monthly training and growth challenges
  • Agent roundtables
  • Marketing/Brainstorming sessions
  • Weekly agent interviews online
  • Customized InsureWomen landing pages for agents
  • Opportunities for agents to lead, provide content and engage with the community

*There will be a limited number of Founding Memberships. The price for initiation will increase to $199 after the Founding Memberships are no longer available. If you are a company and would like to engage with the InsureWomen community, please contact Kim Beach at